Metal Optics for Lasers

These are diamond machined parts that are produced by the “OFC Diamond Turning Division”, USA, with diamond tools.

OFC has 16 diamond machines, one is a “Nanoform 600” from Precitech/Pneumo. This machine is the most precise diamond turning machine available on the market. OFC is a qualified supplier (ISO 9001) for several US Aerospace/Defence programs and has 60 people working in the diamond turning division.


Applications for their technology are the following samples:

  • Off-Axis parabolic mirrors

  • Beam integrators

  • Plano/plano (or plano/45°) mirrors with water cooling

  • Plano mirrors incl. customer tailored mounting

  • Large, light weight mirrors with reduced-weight-structure

  • Aspherical meniscus lenses

  • Scanning mirrors/polygon mirrors

  • Aspherical reflectors

  • Ring mirrors with aspherical contour

  • Axicons/Waxicons

  • Specials: Many parts that cannot be fabricated in glass, or for example mirrors made from beryllium (by nickel plating).


Material that can be diamond machined:

  • Copper

  • Aluminium

  • Electroless nickel

  • ZnSe/ZnS

  • Germanium

  • Plastic


For the coating of the machined parts, there is a separate coating facility available within the same building. So the parts can be finished completely within the company, this guaranties a constant, high quality level.

If you have a need for precision parts or if you want to discuss the possibilities of the technology, please send us a E-Mail: info[a] .

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