Micro Optics

Micro Optics

There is an increasing need for such optical components. Especially for endoscopes, fibre telecommunication systems and for sensor systems. Below you will find an overview about the different configurations and the minimum sizes. Prisms, lenses and optical windows can be manufactured in dimensions < 1.0 mm.



Min. Dimensions
-Ball Lenses:   Ø 0.8 - 10 mm
- Half Ball Lenses:   Ø 0.5 - 6 mm
-Drum Lenses: round, square or hexagonal profile biconvex,
plano convex complete lens arrays
Ø <1 mm
-Rod Lenses: cylindrical surface polished       
end surfaces polished
all surfaces polished
with 45° end surface
square profile
Ø 1 - 12 mm

1 mm
-Cylindrical Lenses: plano convex               
plano concave
square and round
lens arrays
> 5 mm
-Prisms: 60°, 90° prism               
Dove prism
> 0.5 mm
-Convex Cone Lenses: plano convex               
plano concave

Ø 2 - 100 mm
Ø10 -100 mm

-Spherical Lenses: plan convex               
plano concave
Ø >0.5 mm


-Toric Lenses:   Ø > 5 mm
-Optical Windows: round
very thin wafer
> 1 mm
> 1 mm
> 0.02 mm

If you need parts with smaller dimensions, please send us your drawing and we will discuss if a production is possible. Or we try to make some prototypes.

All parts can be offered including AR - or mirror coating.

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